Blick auf das Dach mit Solaranlage
Solar power for the LZPD NRW
Together with BLB NRW, we ensure climate protection.

A new photovoltaic system produces sustainable electricity on the 150-metre-long roof of the State Office for Central Police Services NRW (LZPD NRW) in Duisburg. Part of the roof is covered in greenery. Further measures on the road to climate friendliness are currently being implemented by the Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen (BLB NRW).

The new, more powerful photovoltaic system replaces a defective old system from 2001. The new system generates twice as much sustainable electricity and supplies the building with climate-neutral energy. The new state-of-the-art photovoltaic system with a total of 225 solar modules, which BLB NRW has installed on part of the roof of the LZPD NRW, will generate around 75,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. With this amount of electricity produced, an electric car could circumnavigate the earth on the equator around twelve times. Most of the electricity generated will be used by the police themselves. The remaining area is already equipped as a green roof.

"With such a large existing property as the LZPD NRW, the savings from self-produced climate-friendly electricity are correspondingly large. The result shows that we have taken another important step towards independence from fossil fuels," emphasizes branch manager Till Neschen.

As part of the energy project, BLB NRW is implementing further measures for the entire LZPD NRW. The lighting in the underground car parks has been converted to energy-saving lamps. BLB NRW has replaced around 1,000 fluorescent lamps for this purpose. In a further step, 720 lights in the five-storey office building will be replaced. This will save a total of around 60 percent energy compared to the previous lights. The property was also equipped with two fast-charging columns. Each column has an output of around 50 kilowatts, which can be used to charge electric cars in a very short time.

"The State Office for Central Police Services NRW is an energy-intensive authority. I am delighted that we can now obtain some of this energy from our own roof again. Our photovoltaic system helps us to work in the most resource-conserving and environmentally friendly way possible. It's great that the LZPD NRW can make a contribution to climate protection in this way," said the Director of the LZPD NRW, Thomas Roosen.

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